• Cast Steel

    Design Features
    • Gate valves design in accordance with API-600, solid, flexible or parallel slide wedge/Disc.
    • Standard manufacturing wedge from 2″ to 4″ Solid or Flexible Wedge design; 5″ and up flexible wedge.
    • Flange dimensions in accordance with ASME B16.5 for valves up to 24″ nominal diameter.
    • Hand-wheel, impact Hand-wheel, Chain-wheel, Gear operation, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation as per Customer requirements.
    • By-Pass, Lantern rings, grease injectors, special connections, etc.
    • Low fugitive emissions control.
    • NACE Service either MR-01-75 or MR-01-03.
    • Test in accordance with API-598.
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      Gate Valve Valve

  • Forged Steel

    Design Features
    • Valves in accordance with API-602.
    • Socket weld, threaded, combined.
    • Bolted or welded bonnets options.
    • Low fugitive emissions control.
    • Nace service either MR-0175 or MR-0103
    • Test in accordance with API-598.

    Body to cover joint designed to apply a uniform load to the gasket to assure a leak proof seal.

    Disc to hanger allows the disc a controlled movement independent to the hanger to assure proper disc alignment with the seat at closure.

    The connection is secured by a welded disc nut to prevent disassembly due to vibration and closure impact.

    Stellite seat ring provides increased resistance to wear abrasion and erosion of the sealing surface.

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    Forged Steel Gate Valve Valve Class 800

  • Pressure Seal

    Design features

    • Design in accordance with ASME B16.34.
    • Handwheel design made of ASTM A197 or ASTM A216 grade WCB provides more efficient transfer of loads with minimum weight. Gear operator is also available for easy operation and maximum torque.
    • Thrust bearings for larger sizes minimize torque requirements and facilitate operation due the smooth forces involved.
    • Body made from carbon steel or alloy steel are manufactured with overlay made from stainless steel in a band inside the body where contact is made in between gasket and body to improve better seal and increase life of sealing area because enhance corrosion resistance. Strong construction of body provides maximum life service and flow efficiency. Options for body material are given in other sections of this catalog. Special materials can be supplied upon request.
    • Yoke designed with two windows for easy disassembly and/or access to the packing chamber or bonnet retainer when maintenance is required.
    • Yoke sleeve design permit yoke removal while the valve still in service. Due the material of manufacturing ASTM A439 D2 or B148 95600 reduce friction coefficient reducing torque operation, minimize the wear and eliminate galling.
    • Stem packing system of two sacrificial packings on top and bottom of the chamber made from braided graphite; remaining rings are made from flexible graphite anti extruxion rings for low fugitive emmisions control. Optional live load packing system with extra deep stuffing box and bellevile washers is available upon request.
    • Eye Bolt Clamp design allows easy access to the packing chamber and keeps fixed loads on the stem packing regardless of bonnet position.
    • Bonnet retainer is used to help by tightening the retainer bolt/nuts to seal bonnet-bonnet gasket against body inlay.
    • Pressure seal gasket made from soft carbon steel (silver platted) or stainless steel for corrosion resistance and avoid galling. The angular relationship in between pressure seal gasket and body utilize forces generated by pressure line to  increase gasket sealing effect and long life service. Graphite gasket is available upon request.
    • Bonnet encapsulated inside the upper side of the body is designed with precision machined sealing surfaces to fit against pressure seal gasket surface to utilize forces coming from line pressure to seal the complete set body-bonnet-gasket. Bonnet retains the packing system and incorporate also integral back seat.
    • Back seat is provided with differential angle with bonnet back seat for packing change even in service (not shown).
    • Seat rings with stellite 6 overlay forbetter sealing service provide wear, abrasion and erosion resistance. Seat rings are welded to the body to provide tight joint.
    • Body guided to minimize thrust loads due flow conditions and guide wedge / parallel slide disc during opening and close. Also helps to avoid damage of the wedge because does not permitt sealing areas stroke against seats.
    • Flexible wedge designed to avoid entrapping due temperature changes and pipe line stress. Sealing areas of the wedge with stellite 6 overlay for better operation service. Other sealing surfaces materials can be provided upon request. Parallel slide disc is an option for specific services as per Customer request.
    • Test in accordance with API-598.