The petrochemical industry produces products from petroleum and gas. Petrochemical industry began converting from petroleum products in 1918 and it is expanding until today. The demand for petrochemical products in Asia, particularly in Indonesia, experienced high growth triggered by a combination of non-cyclical factors include investments in large-scale manufacturing industry, product substitution of basic materials, rising income levels and rising numbers of population. Indonesia is expected to continue to be the largest importer of petrochemicals (Olefins and it’s derivatives products) in Southeast Asia during the period 2011-2017, caused by the rapid growth in demand of basic chemical products and polymers for medium term and long term.

ANS commitment as the complete provider of valves, fittings, instrumentation, and control in Indonesia contributed to providing the best products to support the growth of the petrochemical industry in the future. Through the Petrochemical Division, Arita providing related products with the quality and service you can trust.