ANS’s butterfly valves provide an economical solution to flow control with their bi-directional service.  Our butterfly valves are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, ductile iron and aluminum.  Butterfly valves typically come in wafer or lug configurations and are available in double offset, triple offset, AWWA (American Water Works Act) and 3-way butterfly valve configurations in various sizes between 1″ up to 48″ – lead free with gear operator or standard lever handle for manual mode with the option of butterfly valve automation.

    1. Lug type
    2. Double flange
    3. Unifersal

  • EARTHQUAKE VALVE are earthquake sensitive gas shut-off valves. They are intended to close in the event of a strong earthquake shaking to help prevent gas flow into a structure where earthquake damage may have occurred. These valves reduce the potential for fire or explosion due to the release of natural gas or other fuel gas into structures where gas lines, gas fixtures, or gas appliances may be damaged. 

    Design Features

    • The simple design consists of a swing-check valve and an acceleration-sensitive triggering mechanism.
    • The ball is located on a stationary post (item #1) with a seat formed of certain angularity to horizontal. During a violent earthquake, the ball moves & strikes the reacting cylinder (item 2), which causes the Valve to close.
    • Note the rolling latch! The latch mechanism automatically resets when subjected to very low amplitude accelerations. The mechanism will not creep in time to an actuating mode.

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